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series victory coming on. and it starts with tonight's game one. >> way too pumped up right now. first play-off game ever. this is my city. and we're going to do it for san francisco! go giants, baby! >> i'm pumped because the giants are here to win the world series. we're out here. we're out here. we're out here! >> all right. the giants play the reds again tomorrow night. also at 6:30 at at&t park before heading over to cincinnati. as for the a's, they are in detroit, of course. and coming up in sports, we're going to have all the highlights and the postgame in just a minute. >>> the weather managed to cooperate today. meteorologist rob mayeda is here with a quick look. hello, rob. >> beautiful view there of san francisco right now. our temperature is really not too bad. we're seeing numbers in the 50s and 60s outside. here is a sneak preview to your sunday morning forecast. notice we're going to start to see the fog fill in tonight with some misty skies to start tomorrow morning. so what does that mean for your afternoon plans. i'll have a look at that when we come right back. >>> a
in with anthony slaughter, keeping track of traffic around the city. most people seem to have heeded the warnings and traffic is not too bad. >> most of the congestion is actually in the city itself, but let's start with a look outside. first, this is a shot of the bay bridge. we are so used to seeing this very congested. unbelievable, diane. this is incredible. lots of folks have heeded the warnings and are using that mass transity system that is getting foebz around the bay very well. let's get you to the map. you can see across the bay bridge things not bad. but it's in the city itself where things do start to bog down, especially on highway 1 once you're off 280 headed toward golden gate and of course where all the events are along the waterfront, that's where most of the congestion is marina district toward chinatown, even knob hill and toward at&t park. overall, it looks like the congestion will remain in the city. of course you have muni, b.a.r.t. and all the golden gate transit. no major accidents to report on now. you'll be the first to hear. >> we don't want everybody to get in their ca
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2